July 27 - August 1


Friday - Day Two

Today we plan to settle in, unpack some stuff, get some laundry done and I feel the need to get some more rest. We are going to collect Keva (Nico's mother) from the airport at five-twenty this afternoon. We get up late in the morning and have breakfast with Margot and make plans for what we might do today. Nico puts in a load of laundry and I go back to bed. It becomes a pretty lazy day and none of the plans that we have made materialize. We receive a call from Eddie (Nico's brother) and his wife-to-be (Tasha) and we discover that they will be coming into town tonight so we make plans for all of us to go out to dinner. Eddie also informs us of a problem that they have with the programme for the wedding. There was a mistake in the printing and Keva was able to print the front of the eighty programmes at home but she did not have the disk with the file for the backs of these programmes which she will be bringing with her this afternoon. Eddie is looking for a person or a place where he can get the backs done so that they will have proper programmes for the wedding.

We leave the house at five for our trip to the airport and get there with surprisingly little traffic. Keva's flight is on time and we are shortly on the road and heading to her hotel. She tells us about the saga of the programmes and the fact that she printed the front part at home as Eddie talked her through it on the phone from Barrie and she has them with her. She also is looking forward to settling into her room and being able to order room service. She says that one of the best things about staying in a hotel is room service, especially after a long day working. We arrive at the hotel and Eddie and Tasha are going to meet us there and we are going to drive from the hotel to the restaurant and we will meet Salina Eldon. As we are going up in the elevator Keva again says to Margot how much she loves room service and how she will relax in the morning and not have to go downstairs for breakfast. Her hotel room is nice and spacious and we all lounge across the various beds as she take out the programmes to show us the problem. They look really nice and Nico is fascinated at how well the home printer has produced them and how well Eddie has done on the layout, especially the map to the church. Nico treats (or bores) Margot and Keva with a slide show of the pictures that are in our digital camera. She also has to explain the history of some of the shots, like the reason there is a wall around Quebec City and so on. I am trying to get her to move the stories along or tell them after the slide show because I'm sure that the batteries will die if the history lessons continue. After this Keva looks in the book for hotel services and it starts to become clear that this hotel does not offer room service. This does not go down well and Nico suggests that Keva might think of moving hotels since the web site from where this hotel was booked did say that the hotel had room service. Keva decides that it might be a good thing and it will make her get up in the morning and get out of the hotel.

Room Service Not Available

The time is passing and Eddie and Tasha are fifteen minutes late. Margot says that this is not uncommon because Eddie is always late but Nico insists that since he has been with Tasha, he is much more on time. I go downstairs to wait for them and when I arrive in the lobby they are there.

We head out to the restaurant in two cars. Margot travels with Eddie and Tasha to show them where we are going and Nico gives me directions as she pretty much remembers most of the streets and places in Toronto but is also fascinated at how much the city has changed.

Dinner is at an Italian restaurant called Standard Pasta (a suggestion of Salina).

We get a table, for seven, upstairs and in a short time Salina arrives. She looks very well and her hair is much shorter than I remembered it but it's been a long time since I have seen her. You might recall that we saw her sister Bonnie two weeks ago in New York City. Dinner is fun, the food and wine is good and we all have a really nice evening.

As we start to leave Eddie enlists me to help out with the programme problem so tomorrow between me and Margot we hope to come up with a solution. We drop Keva off to her hotel and we start back to Margot's by why of streets where Nico can get her fill of Toronto and continue to marvel at how much the city has grown.


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