Nassau, Bahamas

August 12



Saturday - The End

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig ...

It's hard to believe we have made it all the way across North America, through the wedding, and back home again, but we have. We were awakened early this morning, at 4:45, and caught an early shuttle from our hotel to Miami Airport. Now our hotel overlooked the airport, and our room had an 'airport view' (as opposed to a Miami view???). In one of my more inspired moments I asked Philip, "How long does the shuttle take?" He laughed at me, which I did not take kindly. This morning came the answer to my question. It took ten minutes for the shuttle to get us to the Bahamasair entrance of the airport (which, for those people who don't know, is at the far end of Miami airport). We arrived, as we had been warned to do by my cousin Peter the photographer, almost two hours ahead of the flight to check in. The counter was not open, nor was there even a queue barrier set up. We met another woman there, who had driven in from Broward County (almost in Palm Beach) to get there well ahead of time as well. However, a sign helpfully announced that the counter would open at 6:10, and, miraculously (you Bahamians out there will understand our wonder) the counter did open at that time. And the plane, scheduled to leave at 7:30, left on time!!!

And yes, Nassau is hot. And yes, Nassau is humid. I am not unhappy, though, because the air is happily moving around the house. And yes, Nassau is beautiful!

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