July 24 - July 26



Tuesday - Day Two

Today was HOT!!! We had breakfast in the hotel, and we decided to do a walking tour of Montreal. We head out towards Sherbrooke Avenue, in the direction of McGill University, half-expecting to see Pearson graduates popping out of every corner, but knowing that most of them are home for the summer. Got a message from Andy. We hope to see her tomorrow. Got a message from Nicole entitled "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" - she is in the Philippines until Friday. No luck contacting Theo or Kelly, and we don't know how to find JP. We walk onto the campus. Nico remembers her visits here more than 15 years ago. There were two - the first was a UWC reunion, which took place in the fall break, and the second was a conference, which took place in the spring. The campus has not changed much in that time. One of the buildings has brand-new (or new-brown, as we say at home) copper roofing. Nico wonders how long it's going to take before it turns green (another one of THOSE QUESTIONS).

We leave the campus after trying to blend in with all of the summer students, and decide to walk to Old Montreal. It is HOT. There are signs along the way saying ("Vieux-Montréal - 1"). There are several of these signs. Vieux-Montréal never seems to get any closer. As we pass Chinatown, we see the Basilica of Notre Dame ahead of us, and realise that we are getting close. We pass a double-decker tourist bus, and contemplate taking a guided tour. At least we wouldn't have to walk. Philip asks the driver where we can get on, and he directs us to the Old Port. But before we can get there we have to stop and get something to drink (did we say it was HOT?!). Finally we make it, we find the kiosk where tickets are being sold, and we buy two. We have forty minutes to go, so we go into the air-conditioned building and sit down.

The bus arrives on time. It is a London (red) double-decker bus, open on top. We figure even though it's hot we will sit up top, in the sun, as the afternoon is progressing and it is going to get cooler. We also want to be able to see everything and take pictures :-). So up we go. Our tour guide, a Francophone Québecoise, reminds both of us of Andy, as she is as bright and cheery as Andy can be. She also has a similar sense of humour as she comments on the spots we pass in both English and French. She turns out to be the best part of the tour, as this is nowhere near as educational as our double-decker bus tour in London. It is, however, entertaining. The people on the bus are both Anglophone and Francophone, and the comments that both make are quite amusing. Nico takes many digital pictures (David fever). It's a circular tour. We forego passing the Casino and instead get off at the tourist information centre two thirds of the way through, which is only two blocks away from our hotel. To get to the hotel we decide to cross one of the many small parks in this part of the city. There are many cameras and official-looking people there; obviously there is another movie shoot going on. As we watch, a couple moves into position, a camera focuses on them, someone stands in front of them with a sound boom and someone else snaps a slate: ACTION. We can't see if it is anything interesting or anyone famous. Philip moves in with the digital camera hoping to get a close-up. It in neither terribly interesting nor famous, so we head back to the hotel to make dinner plans.

Andy calls while we are in the hotel, and we arrange to see her tomorrow evening for dinner. We try Kelly & Theo again; no answer. So we relax, and then we head out to a nearby Chinese restaurant for dinner.


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