Los Angeles 

June 19 - June 23


Tuesday - Day Two

I guess that one would call this a down day. Not a bad day but more of a restful kind of day where not that much was done. Nico fixed breakfast, since we now have a real kitchen for the first time since we left Pearson. Well, the one in the hotel room in San Francisco was not so bad and Nico was very fascinated with the garbage disposal having never used one. Adrian has a similar garbage disposal so hopefully he will not lose any of his silverware during our stay. We hung out in the apartment until twelve when we had to move the car because of parking regulations and we went looking for a Nissan service centre. Last night after we got here and unloaded the car, I noticed that the driver's side window was opened and I had not left it that way. The part that keeps the window up had broken and we had to have it replaced having stuck cardboard in the side of the window it to keep it up over night. We found the service place on Santa Monica Blvd. and in about an hour and a half it was fixed. I would not want to guess how long it would have taken at Sanpin Motors in Nassau.


Cedric Scott, a bahamian living in Los Angeles, called this morning and we hopefully will be going out with him tomorrow for lunch. We will try to stay out of the downtown area where the city will be celebrating the Lakers championship. I personally think that they have celebrated enough after burning cars and breaking into shops last night. Of course we knew none of this until this morning as we are a good ways away from where this all took place and Adrian does not have a television.


According to NPR (National Public Radio - I guess you can tell by now that we listen to those stations whenever we can find them) it's hot in Los Angeles. I think they said somewhere around 90 F. That temperature was very comfortable and we would love to have that kind of heat in Nassau but because it's a dry heat and not much humidity it feels nothing like a Nassau 90 F. For you celsius people that's 32.


Another reason to chill out today is the result of my visit to the dentist in Victoria a few days before we left. I had some work done and he said to me "it might be a little sensitive for a while". Well, shit, he could have told me that "a while" was going to be two weeks. I thought maybe the rest of that day or maybe a day or so but TWO WEEKS! Anyway, I continue to live on Motrin and I think that there is now a pain free light at the end of the tunnel.


Tonight Adrian drove us into Koreatown for . . . . . Mexican food. El Taurino "Original Mexican Food" was quite good. We now look through The Thomas Guide to find directions to Studio City where we will drive tomorrow.


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