July 16 - July 20


Monday - Day Two

This is maybe the laziest day of all. Certainly it's the laziest day since Denver. We rise fairly early, have breakfast - multigrain toast with jam, and shots of Derek's killer coffee (or Trish's smooth tea for Philip - and then Philip and I play with the computers while Derek and Trish do back-from-Nassau kinds of stuff (David has gone to work - he is here for a conference and is meeting with various people). Philip combs the web (on Derek's G4, configured magnificently for video, with two screens, several hard drives and lots of cool software) looking for a good deal on a digital camera, and sometime mid-morning tells me that he has ordered it - a Nikon Coolpix 990, with various accessories. Sometime in the late morning Derek invites me to join him and Trish on a brief walk to the post office, which I do, yearning exercise; the walk is carried on at Derek's pace, which is a good workout for me, whose legs are shorter and whose pace is not so fast. The weather is cool and cloudy, good walking weather, and we visit the post office and the liquor store where Derek goes to check up on a dessert wine he has ordered/wants to order. When we get back we eat lunch - sandwiches with fresh lettuce and tomato and excellent deli cuts. After, more chilling: Philip and Derek capture stills from the video we shot in San Francisco, Denver and Chicago while I wash clothes and play Civilization, hoping at last for a hard win. Later, Philip takes a nap, Derek and Trish go out to book a reservation at a restaurant David is going to take us out to - it is, in D & T's opinion, the best restaurant in Boston - and I edit the stills for the web pages (check out San Francisco and Chicago soon for updates).

Derek and Trish return, having booked a table for 5 at 8:30. The restaurant is called Olive's, a popular restaurant with an open kitchen, and both of them rave about it. We set off, all five of us in Derek's car, and drive into gathering fog, looking at Boston and marvelling at the weather (a complete contrast from the last time we were here, 3 years ago, in the middle of a heatwave). On the way David laments that he has left his camera behind. We don't realize what a shame this is till later.

Olive's is packed. Though it is a Monday and presumably a slow night, the restaurant is crowded. For people who walk in, it is a one and a half hour wait for a table, and so there are parties at the bar, sitting at tables in the entrance. We are assured that our table is almost ready, and we stand near the entrance, being asked to move with surprising regularity. We gaze around. There is a very interesting woman sitting at the bar, a woman with a deep tan accentuated by bright Annie Lennox platinum hair. She was wearing a tight top with no bra, and (we discover later) has long legs lengthened by extremely high heels.

Eventually our table is ready and we head over and sit down. After about ten minutes looking over the menu and getting suggestions from Derek and Trish on what to order, a waitress comes over to the table with five small glasses with this ruddy liqueur: "From Rose at the bar." We have no idea who Rose is and Derek tries to see if it is someone that he might know. It turns out she is the blonde at the bar, who apparently has been staring at Derek since he walked in. He does not recognize her so we start to wonder if maybe she has mistaken us, or him, for someone else. He looks over and raises his glass to her and takes a sip of the liqueur that, we are told later on, is supposed to aid in digestion. After a while of wondering who Rose is, we all encourage Derek to go over and find out if she does in fact have the right table. He goes over and we all wait with anticipation. He returns. The conversation at the bar went something like this: "Hi, thanks for the drinks, do I know you?" "Hi, I'm Rose and I sent you the drinks because I think you're very attractive. Would you like to join us for a drink?" Derek declines, explaining that he is in the restaurant with his family. Then he comes back.

So we now know who Rose is and what she wants. This set us off talking and laughing and Trish wonders if Rose knows that Derek is married or maybe she thinks that Trish is with David. I (Philip) get the feeling that she does not care if Trish is with Derek or not, she is determined to make a connection with him. This feeling is confirmed when, a short while later, after we have ordered, Rose slinks across the restaurant to our table. This is when we can see that her legs are long and perfect in their cropped pants and her walk is as sensuous and as strutty as a runway model's. She shakes hands with each of us, introducing herself, and leans over and gives Derek two business cards and a kiss. She owns a restaurant and her friend is some kind of foot doctor. The business card gives the name and address of the restaurant, and on the back of it she has written a phone number, her name, and the words: "CELL PHONE - CALL ANYTIME." Trish looks on at the kiss and, when Rose leaves says, in her dry Bahamian tone: "Did she slip you the tongue?" This sends the table into a major laughing fit as Derek assures her that she did not.

At some point Trish gets up to go to the bathroom. As she leaves the table Derek again looks over at the bar and the man with Rose, motions with his finger for Derek to come over. He does. This episode takes a slightly different turn at this point:

Rose: I think you are very attractive man.
Derek: Thanks. My wife is interested in the shoes you have on.
Rose's companion: Oh, a wife.
Rose: Thanks. She can come and look at them if she wants.
Derek (to a nearby couple, to try and change the subject a little): Are you with these people?
The wife: It's his birthday. (Of her husband.)
Derek says Happy Birthday to the man.
Rose: It's my birthday too. (Rubbing her right nipple) Would you like to celebrate with me?
Derek: I have a feeling that everyday is your birthday Rose.
Rose's companion: It's my birthday too. (Slipping his arm around Derek's waist) Would you like to celebrate with me?

All this Derek relates when he comes back to the table and fills us in on the latest happenings at the bar. We are now all laughing and Nico relates the story of our waiter at Peter's (Holly's restaurant). I had, earlier today, received an email from Holly saying that our waiter "Freddie" was totally hitting on me and that she had to tell him to cut it out because the person with me, Nico, was my wife. That did not discourage him as he continued coming back and in end offered us a rum drenched piece of pecan pie on the house (or more likely on him). Anyway, back at Olive's. The waitress comes by with another offering. This time it's a good size glass of Chivas Regal - for Derek only. Derek raises it to his lips, saluting her. Shortly after that, Rose and friend leave and we can see them getting into a convertible Benz. Her friend looks through the window at Derek and does the phone thing, holding fingers to his ear and mouth, indicating that Derek should call him. They speed off into the night and we assume that they are both high as kites. It's a most entertaining dinner and oh, by the way, the food was good too. Our only regret: David left his camera behind, or otherwise we would have put a photo of Rose the Siren on this page.

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