August 2 - August 5


Thursday - Day Two

Today was a strange day in some ways. It began well - with a hearty breakfast at the B&B (raisin French toast, bacon, and coffee). Then we all spent the morning lounging around the B&B, making use of the sitting room, while Mummy worked on the reading and the speech that she will be giving during the wedding. Then we had to find some place to print these off, and scoured the yellow pages to find one. We did eventually, and off we went to attend to business. Afterward we went into a Japanese restuarant next door to the print shop to have lunch, and after that we moved on to the Honeys' to check in and to see what was going on with Peter Ramsay, Eddie's & my cousin and the wedding photographer. It turned out that his flight had been delayed leaving Nassau, and so we didn't know quite what to expect - Philip and I had agreed to pick him up from the airport, which would mean an hour's drive into Toronto - but as we didn't hear from him after his initial call, we thought we would be safe and assume that he had made the connection after all, and so we decided we would drive into town.

It was a cool day - a cold front had rolled in overnight, and it was overcast, breezy and cool. The Bahamians who had just come in were all cold, Mizpah in particular feeling chilly (the temperature here was just like a winter's day at home). Just before we left to go to the airport Tasha, Eddie, Tim & Mizpah appeared at the Honeys', lugging bags from Pier 1, where Tasha & Eddie have one of their gift lists. We oohed and aahed over the presents for a while, and then it was time to go. So Philip and I dropped Mummy off at the B&B, and set off for the airport.

Although Peter's scheduled flight was the same as Mummy's six days ago, we did not have nearly as easy a time getting to the airport as we did back then. Maybe Margot has some kind of karma Philip and I don't. Or maybe things are just different. Anyway, the approach to Terminal 3 was crowded, with the mad Toronto drivers shoving themselves all over the place (these drivers remind us of Nassauvians, and make me feel at home with their absurdities). After circling around it three times (we were in plenty of time, despite the traffic) I got out and headed for the section where Peter's plane was expected. When I got there it became apparent that the plane had arrived early, so, worried I'd missed him, I peered through the crowd to see if he was anywhere in sight, and then walked up and down through the terminal looking for him. No Peter. I waited for Philip, who was circling the block endlessly, like some planet in slow orbit, and got into the car for one of those circuits. We decided I would get out and try once more, and that I would also call the Honeys to see if they had heard from him. I also have to get some cash from a bank machine. So I go back to the gate, see no sign of him, go upstairs to Departures, get some cash, phone the Honeys, return to the gate, look for Peter, and then walk out and find Philip. We decide to try one last time, and then to give up and go home. This we do, and we get on the road back to Barrie by ten past six, hoping to get there in time to change, as we are each going out on gender-selective pre-wedding jaunts. We are both pretty grouchy, and Philip is tired, what with the emotional stress of worrying about David (who, we hear, is in pain today, but who is still scheduled to get out of hospital tomorrow, and who was asked to walk around despite the pain) & his parents (whom he can't get on the phone, as we have to call collect and they are probably always at the hospital rather than at home). So we get back in no real mood to go out, but get dressed to go out anyway.

Girls Night Out

My evening was very nice, and well worth the effort. Mummy, Auntie Joan (Jane-Michele & Tim's mother) and I are introduced to several of Tasha's friends, who are all beautiful and vivacious, and who are ready to have a great time. We have a fun-filled but low-key hen party, with only a few risque moments (like when Tasha is given Love Dice, which she passes around the table and with which she manages to shock the older ladies a little, and when she opens another gift - a pair of keyless handcuffs covered with fake leopard fur). Jane-Michele, our cousin, and Lieve (her flatmate, and Tasha's good friend and former flatmate) arrive with Mizpah and Melissa, having just got into Barrie this afternoon (while Philip and I were at the airport), and it is great to see them. Melissa has spent part of the evening phoning airlines, the airport & limo services, and has discovered when Peter is coming in (round midnight), and has arranged a limo for him to bring him to Barrie. We eat at a wonderful restaurant, the one where Tasha and Eddie got engaged, which is warm with the smell of garlic and spilling over with good food. Then, as Tasha, Melissa, Mizpah, Lieve, Sarah, Sharon and Karen all gather to go out clubbing, Jane-Michele, Mrs Honey, Mummy, Auntie Joan and I go home. When we get there Philip's car is in the driveway; I could have laid bets that he would be in! He is, as usual, on the computer, and since he has heard nothing more about David, can only assume that things are all right. We turn in, as tomorrow will be another stressful day, though warmer and a little sunnier.

Philip writes:

My evening was pretty low key. I arrive a local pub, at the other end of Barrie, and find Eddie, Tim, Mr. Honey and Peter (Leiva's boyfriend not the photographer) already there. There is one more person expected and he is Mark, a friend of the Honey's & Eddie and a local policeman. The others have already ordered food and shortly after me Mark arrives and we both order something to eat. Our evening, in spite of popular belief, is anything but loud or boisterous. We have a good meal and interesting conversation and all the married men (which is everyone except Peter) give Eddie some solicited advice. When the meal has ended, I head back to the B&B to check my email to see if there is any news from home. Hearing nothing, I surf the web for a few minutes and then Nico and Keva arrive back from their thing. I'm shortly off to bed leaving Nico on the computer playing Civilization. Tomorrow we take another trip to Toronto, this time to pick up Winston from the airport and hopefully we will have more luck with that trip.


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