August 2 - August 5


Wednesday - Day One

Today we will drive to Barrie, Ontario which is the second to the last major stop on our road trip. We have the morning in Toronto which we use for doing some laundry (as this is the last place for laundry until Nassau) and packing everything that was purchased into our already full bags. Margot went to work so we will see her again on Saturday at the wedding. Toby goes out and says that he will be back before we leave. It's a very hot day. The sun is out, the cloud cover is gone and it's also very humid (preparation for Nassau). By around two-thirty it's time to go and as we are ready to leave, Toby arrives and we bid farewell to him but we will also see him on Saturday. We start our drive toward the highway and decide to stop for lunch at Red Lobster, then we continue on to Barrie.

The drive seems much shorter this time. Maybe that's because we have done it already. Before we know it, we are in Barrie. We arrive at our B & B but no one is there to let us in so we head over to the Honey's where we find Keva. She has a key which we collect and come back to unpack the car. Nico feels the need to have a rest and I want to see if I can connect to the internet. I do and check my email where I find a message from Derek who informs me that David had to have an operation today. (!) He went to the hospital at four-thirty this morning and was operated on at around eleven am to have his appendix removed. From this email I have no idea how he is so I write back to Derek but can't wait to hear a reply so I give him a call. He only has information from earlier in the afternoon so we decide to try a three way call and contact the hospital to see exactly how David is doing. We get his room and to our surprise we get to talk to him. He has not too long ago awakened and is a bit groggy but he is in good humor and still very David. We talk to him for a good while until we are assured that he is okay. While talking to him my father and brother (Ramon) arrive at the hospital and Derek and I both speak to daddy. It's a very worrying hour for me but I can only imagine what Tammy (David's wife), Dion (my sister) and especially my mother were going through all day.

* * *

Since we ate lunch so late we had decided to forego the dinner invitation of the Honeys' and say that we will come by for dessert later on. At around eight o'clock we head over there which is only a few blocks away. Nico's cousin Tim and his wife Mizpah are there along with Keva and all of the Honeys including Tasha's sister Melissa. They have finished dinner and are sitting around talking. We get our dessert which is a combination of different sweet things (angel food cake, carrot cake and a dessert that is like a cross between trifle and pavlova with a bit of chocolate thrown in) and we all sit around talking. Eddie, Tim and I go downstairs to help Tasha's father move some furniture out of a room that will be used on Saturday during the wedding reception. At around ten Nico, Keva and I head back to B & B and the owner is now here. We had met him the other day when we came by and dropped Keva. It's been a strange day with feelings all over the place and it's time to now get some rest and look toward tomorrow.


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