Our (immediate) Family

The Bethel Family


Keva Bethel

Dr. Keva Bethel recently retired as the President of the College of The Bahamas. All of her professional life has been spent in education. When she finds the time, she sings with the Nassau Renaissance Singers. She is a member of many boards and is in great demand as a speaker. Her retirement was to give her a lot of free time. She is still looking forward to that!

E. Clement Bethel (deceased)

Clement left us ALL, much too soon. He was an incredible musician, a great friend, and a wonderful father. He was Director of Culture for The Bahamas Government up until his death in 1987. The following words are from a song he wrote for his folk opera “The legend of Sammie Swain” and they speak to the kind of advise that he gave, which was sought by many: When the road seem rough, when you've borne enough, don't faint, don't sigh, don't cry, wonder why, just keep on trying, cease your sighing, look beyond the present way, this time will pass, tomorrow's another day.


Nicolette (nico) R. M. Bethel

Edward C. Bethel

Eddie is a multi-talented individual. He sings with the Dicey Doh Singers and the Nassau Renaissance Singers, has acted and run the lighting department for the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. He is a member of the One Family Junkanoo group and Vice-Principal at St. John’s College. Like his father, he has done some composing for both the stage and for the Nassau Renaissance Singers Christmas concert.

The Burrows Family



Agatha A. Burrows

Agatha is a true small business woman. She has held a number of jobs since she arrived in Nassau from Long Island, Bahamas. She started out working at the old British Colonial Hotel and spent a number of years as a matron at the Princess Margaret Hospital. She sold Avon (pronounced "A-1" by some Bahamians), Holiday Magic and ran a clothing store appropriately call Agathas. They sold that business in 1975 so that Sidney could start up the present family business. The business in which she is presently involved is baking. She is a great cook !!!

Sidney R. V. Burrows

Sidney got tired of working for other people in such businesses as turtle shell jewelry and the carpet business so in 1976 he and Philip started up Burrows Security Systems Ltd. and that business has continued these 24 years. He is an elder at Central Gospel Chapel and has been involved with that church for over forty years. His new passion in recent years has been his computer at which he spends a great deal of time.



Derek R.V. Burrows

Derek is a musician and storyteller. He has lived in Boston Mass. for over twenty years and makes frequent visits to The Bahamas. He got married a few weeks before us to a real Bahamian gal Trish French. Most of his musical life he has performed with Voice of the Turtle. He is the webmaster of their and his sites and like the both of us, he LOVES his MAC.

Dion P. Taylor

Dion is the proud (single) mother of two children Mia and Michael. She is the General Manager of the family business and in spite of all the kidding from her brothers, she makes a mean cake. Okay, well there was that ONE cake that was so dumb that ........ (just kidding!!!)

Philip A. R. Burrows

Sidney Ramon Burrows

Ramon spent some of his childhood years in Kansas attending an institute for deaf children. For years he has worked at Burrows Security doing a number of different jobs. Ramon sees and knows ALL!

David Jonathan Burrows

David is presently the Marketing Manager at Cable Bahamas. He has been involved in the local theatre scene in Nassau, since his return from college (1987), as an actor, writer, director, make-up artist and publicity manager. He was General Manager of Burrows Security Systems Ltd. for a few years.

Stephen M. Burrows

Stephen worked in the family business, in the alarm division, until he got married and moved to Minnesota. He has been involved in music, acting, karate, diving and has many other interests. He is now single and lives in Colorado where he works as an alarm installer there.

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