December 3 - 10


Thursday - Day Five


After a restful night and body clocks that seem to be back in sync we all head downstairs for breakfast. We decide that a full English breakfast (except beans and fried bread) is in order because we are not sure what time today we will eat our next meal. Karin sticks with a continental breakfast. Once we have eaten, it’s time to check out and make our way back to the King's Cross train station.

Experimenting with the camera

Nico and I experiment taking photos of the four of us through a mirror in the lobby of our hotel. It seems as if we are just doing things to avoid saying goodbye to Karin but it has to be done so we go outside and pretty soon our taxi arrives. After another round of hugs we leave, waiving to Karin through the windows of the taxi. Karin walks in the direction of the UWC office, which happens to be on the same street as our hotel. We did not get a chance to visit it but Karin told us that she dropped in yesterday before we arrived.

Having already purchased return tickets to Cambridge yesterday, we head directly for track nine and this time we have about three minutes to spare. On the train, Nico again marks essays, Keva reads and I work on the web page. Once we arrive in Cambridge, I get a taxi and head back to Peggy’s and Nico and Keva get a bus to go into town and do some shopping and to finish the graduation business that could not get done on Tuesday.

As Nico and Keva shop, I spend some time talking to Peggy and having tea until the Doctors Bethel return with a number of bags filled with items they have just purchased. Some of them are Christmas gifts and some are clothes that will be worn on Saturday at either the graduation or at the dinner later that evening. After a short rest we head down to watch The Weakest Link which has, in such a short time, become a habit which we will miss.

Peggy has planned tonight to be fish and chips night so she, Nico and Keva drive to the fish and chips shop to pick it up. Yes, I know we had the same thing for lunch yesterday but that was in a restaurant so it does not really count. There, it was served on a plate and now we get the real kind wrapped in paper, the way that it should be.

After their return I realize that the weather has turned really nasty. There is a high wind and it’s raining. This does not bode well for Saturday if it continues this way. We have another nice supper and just sort of hang out for the rest of the evening. Nico finally takes a break from marking and goes upstairs and plays some computer games as Keva, Peggy and I watch television. In a while Keva goes up and leaves the two of us downstairs and we watch a very interesting documentary on BBC2 and then talk about it for a while after, then I go bed.

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