December 3 - 10


Tuesdayday - Day Three


We are up early and soon head down to breakfast. The word for today is Organic. The discussion at the breakfast table in on the benefits of organic foods. Nico, Peggy and Keva get into a healthy (excuse the pun) debate on this subject. Almost all of what Peggy serves (both last night and this morning) is organic and she is proud to let us know as she serves each dish to us. I pretty much stay out of this debate and eventually retreat back up to the bedroom and get on the computer. There is no set plan for today but we have to go by Corpus (Nico’s college) to take care of some graduation business and Keva has to drop off something for her brother. After that, the day is pretty much open. Nico still has marking to do so she might go to a library or book store and try to work on that. Keva will want to book shop and as for me, I guess that I will just follow the crowd. I can now hear from downstairs Nico’s voice rising above the others saying “no, let me finish” so I guess that the debate continues. It has now moved on to the progress of man - the good and the bad. The sun is shining and so far it looks like to might be a nice day weather wise. I will go down now and see if I can break up the discussion so that we can get going.

Corpus Christi College - Nico's Alma Mater

Peggy give us a lift close to Corpus Christi College where Nico chats with the secretary of the Praelector (the person who presents the graduands) to discuss what will happen on Saturday. She tells us that we should not blink because it goes by very fast. There is some money to be paid for graduation, and the dinner after, but that information has been mailed to Peggy so we have to wait for that and hopefully deal with it on Thursday. Nico takes us through the Old Court of Corpus and points out the window dedicated to Christopher Marlowe and John Fletcher.

The Old Court at Corpus

The window dedicated to Marlowe and Fletcher

Keva drops off a letter to St. Catherine’s College and then we take a stroll and look at some of the other colleges. The one that is my favourites and I think also the favourite of Keva and Nico, as it relates to architecture, is Kings College.


Two photos of the majestic and beautiful Kings College

We walk through Kings and through a number of the other colleges (there are thirty colleges which make up Cambridge University) and take in some of the beauty and history that makes Cambridge what it is. Trinity is also very nice, as I recall from my last trip to Cambridge, but we only look at it from behind and from afar.

Keva has some things she would like to purchase but first she has to change some travellers checks so we get to a bank and they in turn send us to the American Express office because there will be no charge changing them there. Keva goes off to do some shopping and Nico and I go into a bookstore called Waterstones where she gets back to marking final papers (where she actually gave her first A for the term) and I do some work on the web page. Keva joins us and we head off to a restaurant called Don Pasquale for lunch. After a good meal it’s time to get some of the necessities of life and one of those for Nico and Keva is coffee. Nico likes the coffee from the Market Place so that is our first stop.

Next stop is Boots (a drug store), followed by Heffers (the main Cambridge bookstore) where Nico is looking for some ink cartridges. They send us to another Heffers (Heffers Plus) and on our way there we pass Ryder and Amies who are the suppliers of college clothes and the necessary robes in which on graduates for all the colleges in Cambridge University. We go in and Nico gets to try on, and buy, the robe that she will first wear at graduation back in The Bahamas in two weeks time but she will have to wear her Masters robe on Saturday as they will not recognize her as a doctor until after the ceremony. Actually, she can were the same robe but it’s the hood and facings that will be different.

Next to Ryder and Amies is an Internet Exchange and we stop in to check our email. We pass by Fitzbillies and Nico and Keva go in to get our dessert for tonight’s dinner. We then make our way to Heffers Plus and Nico gets to purchase all sorts of ink cartridges for her pen. This is something that she has picked up from Martin Kryl who used all sorts of fancy ink colours and now she has about eight different colours of ink to play with. It’s now ten past four and the sun has already set and it’s just starting to drizzle a little as we get a taxi and head back to Peggy.

Once home, we have tea and watch two television game shows, Countdown and The Weakest Link, both of these shows appeal to a far smarter audience than any of the quiz shows that we get from the USA except maybe Jeopardy.

Nico stocks up on cartridges

Just before the second show comes on we get a phone call from Ella and she and Nico talk for almost an hour. We make plans to meet her and hopefully a number of other Pearson students on Friday night. I go upstairs and to my surprise (well, not really) in a few minutes they are downstairs talking about progress AGAIN.

We have another nice dinner and Peggy tells us that another episode of The Weakest Link is on. This time it’s the champions of past episodes competing against each other. We get a kick out of the show’s host and way in which she throws off each of the weakest links. She is very dry and caustic and we all laugh each time she tells the contestants how badly they are doing. We decide on another early night as we are to be up early in the morning to catch a train to London where we expect to see a show but more importantly we plan to meet up with Karin Afeef and we are looking forward to that.

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